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Fanseat Livestreaming UKU Events

Fanseat will be streaming live coverage of *two pitches* from each of four UKU outdoor tournaments this year! UKU Open and Women’s Tour 1: Nottingham – June 3rd and 4th UKU Open and Women’s Tour 2: Cardiff – July 1st and 2nd UKU Open and Women’s Tour 3: Birmingham – July 15th and 16th UKU Nationals [Euros/Worlds qualification]: […]

EUCF 2016

All the links you should need for following EUCF 2016 are below. EUCF 2016 report & play-by-play of the Open Final at felixultimate.com Playoff bracket graphics with scores: Open, Women’s, Mixed Scores, Groups, Results & Standings website EUCF 2016 Facebook page The ShowGame Coverage – reviews of British teams Clapham v Otso – last two points (universe point)