EUC’11 Slovenia: Clash of Nations

Held every 4 years, the European Ultimate Championships pit country against country, as each battles to earn the title of European Champions in the Open, Women’s, Mixed and Masters divisions.

This 2-DVD set features all the best action from 32 games, plus the fully commentated finals* in all 4 divisions – see how the story of Europe in 2011 unfolds.


  • 2 DVDs
  • 300 minutes of action
  • Finals in full & with commentary
  • Highlights from 32 games
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Replays of the best action

On 30th July 2011, 21 counties in Europe send their best players to Maribor, Slovenia, to decide who will hold the title of European Champions for the next 4 years.
Four years earlier in Southampton, Great Britain won all divisions except Masters (Finland). Will they repeat their performance, or will the strong evolving players from Sweden, Germany, Russia, Finland, Switzerland, France, or any other of the 21 countries entered be able to stop them in their tracks?

Here are details of all the games covered by this 2-DVD set:


  • Germany v Israel
  • Denmark v Finland
  • Czech Republic v Russia
  • Switzerland v Finland
  • Great Britain v France
  • Germany v Switzerland
  • Sweden v France
  • Ireland v Russia
  • Germany v Czech Republic
  • Sweden v Russia
  • Great Britain v Finland (QF)
  • Finland v Czech Republic (5-8 SF)
  • Great Britain v Germany (SF)
  • Sweden v Switzerland (SF)
  • Czech Republic v Russia (5v6)
  • Switzerland v Germany (3v4)
  • Great Britain v Sweden (Final)



  • Great Britain v Denmark
  • Great Britain v Italy (SF)
  • Germany v Finland (SF)
  • Great Britain v Germany (Final)


  • Great Britain v Slovenia
  • France v Finland
  • Great Britain v Russia
  • Germany v Switzerland
  • Finland v Austria
  • Great Britain v Russia (Final)


  • Great Britain v Germany (SF)
  • Finland v France (SF)
  • Switzerland v Germany
  • Great Britain v Finland (Final)

* commentated games are: Open 3v4, Open Final, Women’s Final, Mixed Final

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EUCF2010: Lloret de Mar

EUCF2010: The Rise of the Swiss features:

  • 2 discs packed with 180 mins of top level European Ultimate
  • Highlights from 32 games
  • Including 9 Women’s games
  • Semi Finals and Grand Finals covered from multiple camera angles
  • Disc 1: Trailer, Group games, Knockouts, Women’s games
  • Disc 2: Open Semis, 3v4, Women’s Final, Open Final
  • Disc 2 features full commentary on all 5 games (optional)
  • Two optional commentary tracks for Women’s Final and Open 3v4 playoff – choose to listen to Tom & Waggle or Felix & Robbie – whichever you prefer!
  • HQ trailer and credits sequences
  • Interview with Freespeed

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This is without doubt the finest Push Pass DVD to date.


Highlights from the following games are included:

Chevron-7 Schwaben: 3.5 mins
FAB-Viksjöfors: 4 mins
Fire-Silence: 1 min
Ultimate Vibration-Ragnarok: 1.5 mins
Clapham-Cota Rica: 5 mins
Fire-Viksjöfors: 6 mins
Freespeed-Chevron: 11 mins (including 2min interview)
Fusion-Feldrenner: 1 min
Clapham-Ragnarok: 4.5 mins
Viksjöfors-Silence: 2 mins
Skogshyddan-Feldrenner: 3 mins
Clapham-Ultimate Vibration: 15 secs

Quarter Finals:
Chevron-Skogshyddan: 8.5 mins
FAB-Ragnarok: 0.5 mins
Fusion-Freespeed: 7 mins

Semi Finals:
Viksjöfors-Chevron: 7 mins
Fusion-Ragnarok: 4 mins
Fire-Silence: 2 mins
Clapham-Skogs: 18.5 mins (semi final)
FAB-Freespeed: 24 mins (semi final)

Chevron-Ragnarok: 5.5 mins
Clapham-Freespeed: 8 mins
FAB-Skogshyddan: 25 mins (Open Final)

Women’s Division:

Iceni-Jinx: 3 mins
Hot Beaches-Leeds: 5.5 mins
Iceni-Cosmic: 3.5 mins
Yaka-Lotus: 2 mins
Jinx-Misscoldisco: 2 mins

Semi Finals:
Hot Beaches-Misscoldisco: 3.5 mins
Iceni-Leeds: 4.5 mins

Iceni-Misscoldisco: 2 mins
Hot Beaches-Leeds: 11.5 mins (Women’s Final)

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