EUCF2006: Florence

The EUCF2006 DVD features full game highlights of both the Open and Women’s European Championship Series Finals from 2006. 86 minutes of top level European Ultimate, an essential low-cost quality Ultimate DVD for your collection. WAS £7.99 NOW £3.99

Trailer music by Breakneck

EUCF2006 DVD features:

  • Women’s Final: Iceni (UK) vs Bliss (UK) – 33 minutes
  • Open Final: Clapham (UK) vs Skogshyddan (SWE) – 53 minutes
  • Instant replays of all the exciting action (slow motion where necessary)
  • Alternate camera angles
  • On-screen scoreboard kept updated throughout the games
  • DVD quality version of the EUCF2006 trailer

Instant replays - players highlighted where necessary Beavan catches his D

EUCF info:

The European Ultimate Club Series (EUCS) brings the best clubs from each nation in Europe together every year to compete at the top level.
Four regional tournaments, each qualifying 4 teams, ensure only the best make it through to the European Championship Series Finals, held for the first time in Florence in 2006.
After three days of hard playing, the finalists in the Women’s and Open divisions play one last match to decide who is most worthy of the title EUCS Champions 2006.

For just £3.99 (discounted from £7.99) you can own a DVD containing one and a half hour’s worth of this historic top quality European Ultimate which you can watch over and over, both on your PC and with a TV/DVD player combo in your living room. Much effort has been put into this DVD to aid a smooth viewing experience, cutting out all unecessary footage such as bricked pull disc retrievals and player repositioning after stoppages. Just click ‘Buy now‘ to purchase the DVD through PayPal and have it arrive on your doorstep without any further effort.

Bex takes a high disc over Wilks 

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