EUCF2007: Basel

The European Ultimate Club Series Championship Finals 2007 DVD contains over 120 minutes of action from 17 elite-level matches, including the awesome Open Final rematch of 2006 with Clapham (UK) facing Skogshyddan (SWE), and the thrilling sudden death Women’s Final, all for £9.99 £6.99!

EUCF2007 Trailer:

Action packed highlights of the following games feature in the DVD:

Clapham v Freespeed
Ragnarok v Sipoo Odd Stars
Chevron v Flying Angels
Clapham v Ragnarok
Sipoo Odd Stars v Freespeed
Chevron v Karhukopla
Freespeed v Ragnarok
Fire of London v Skogshyddan
Chevron v HUT
Feldrenner v Skogshyddan
Clapham v Chevron
Ragnarok v Karhukopla
Cota Rica v Skogshyddan
Clapham v Karhukopla
Cota Rica v Karhukopla
Iceni v Woodchicas

Clapham v Skogshyddan

(Pool Play, 4 mins)
(Pool Play, 2.5 mins)
(Pool Play, 5 mins)
(Pool Play, 9 mins)
(Pool Play, 3.5 mins)
(Pool Play, 7 mins)
(Pool Play, 5 mins)
(Pool – showgame, 12 mins)
(Pool Play, 7 mins)
(Quarter Final, 6 mins)
(Quarter Final, 5 mins)
(Quarter Final, 3 mins)
(Semi Final, 6 mins)
(Semi Final, 5 mins)
(3/4 playoff, 6 mins)
(Women’s Final, 17 mins –
multiple angles
(Open Final, 25 mins –
multiple angles

DVD also contains a top quality version of the Trailer, and a funky Credits sequence which cannot be missed!

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