On 30th September 2011, the top 24 Open and 8 Women’s teams from around Europe met in Brugges to decide who would emerge victorious as European Ultimate Club Series Champions, we bring you 20 games from the tournament!

By purchasing individual games or the tournament subscription, you can view full games from Brugges to see how the tournament unfolded, and watch how the titans of Europe battle it out on the field of play at the climax of their seasons.

EUCF2011 Brugges Full Subscription:
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The Full Subscription includes all the games from EUCF2011, but you can also purchase them separately below:

Open Final:
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Women’s Final:
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=24]

Open 3v4:
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=19]

Open Semis:
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=20]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=22]

Women’s Semis:
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=27]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=33]

Quarter Finals:
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=18]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=36]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=31]

Group Games / other:
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=32]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=25]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=21]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=23]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=16]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=34]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=35]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=26]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=29]
[wp_eStore_fancy1 id=30]

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