UKU Club Nationals 2012 saw the best teams in the UK meet to decide two things – who will be crowned UK National Champions, and which teams will advance to the European Finals in Frankfurt later that year.

Push Pass filmed 5 games in full, and caught exciting action from 4 other games over the weekend. Here we present to you the four partial-recordings free of charge, and also the full games including the Open and Mixed finals for a nominal £1 / £2 fee each – we recommend you make all the games readily available on your profile by purchasing the subscription for £3.

Open Final: Clapham v Fire
Open 3v4: Brighton v Chevron
Open Pre-Quarter: EMO v Wessex
Open Pre-Quarter: Fusion v Tooting – FREE (last few points)
Mixed Final: Thundering Herd v Bear Cavalry
Mixed Semi: Bear Cavalry v MXU
Open 5-12 Quarter: DED v Devon – FREE (last few points)
Open Quarter: Chevron v Ka-pow – FREE (last few points)
Open Quarter: Brighton v DED – FREE (1st half)

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    • Felix Shardlow
      Felix Shardlow says:

      The Open Final and the 3v4 hosted here have a lot of the down-time cut out from the originals (40 mins cut from the Final alone), and the footage is higher quality than on livestream (though not HD).
      This year we are hoping to cover the finals in full HD from the towers.

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