UKU Club Nationals 2013 saw the best teams in the UK meet to decide two things – who will be crowned UK National Champions, and which teams will advance to the European Finals in Bordeaux.

Push Pass attended in strength and filmed 17 games in full HD, 9 of them featuring alternate-angle replays of the best action. Subscription to get access to all these full games in HD is just £10.99, or £5.99 per game.

To view the new games as they are added after you have purchased your subscription, login and click ‘Purchase History’ -> ‘Generate Download Link’

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All 17 games below are now online & ready to watch! Scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase games individually, though a subscription is far better value for money.

Fire 2 v Manchester
Brighton v Ka-Pow (QF)
Fire 1 v EMO 1 (QF)
Clapham v Brighton (Semi)
Chevron v Fire 1 (Semi)
Brighton v EMO 1 *
Fire 1 v Ka-Pow (5v6)
Devon v Brighton (3v4)
Clapham v Chevron (Final)

Iceni v SYC
Iceni v Nice Bristols (Final)

Thundering Herd v DED
Cambridge v Bear Cavalry *
Black Eagles v Cambridge (Semi) *
Black Eagles v DED (3v4)
Bear Cavalry v Cambridge (Final)

Zimmer v Trigger Happy

* missing 2 scores from this game

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A few clips from the UKU Nationals 2013 footage which have been posted on our Facebook page:

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