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The UK’s pinnacle event to determine the Open, Women’s, and Mixed National Champions, as well as qualification for the European Club Championships. All games are filmed in HD and available in full. Purchase a Subscription to unlock all the games immediately, or buy them individually by following the links below.
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When games are added after you purchase the Subscription package, add them to your package for free by clicking ‘Purchase History‘ and ‘Generate Download Link‘.

Division Round Teams When available
Open Final Clapham v Chevron Now
Women’s Final Iceni v SYC Now
Mixed Final Birmingham v Pingu Jam Now
Open 3v4 EMO v Fire Now
Open Semi Clapham v Fire Now
Open Semi Chevron v EMO Now
Open Qualification play-off Cult v Reading Now
Open 5-8 Post-Quarter Brighton City v NEO Now
Open Quarter Brighton City v Fire * Now
Open Pre-Quarter Devon v Manchester Now
Women’s Semi Nice Bristols v SYC Now
Women’s Group SYC v Leeds Now
Women’s Group Punt v Leeds Now
Mixed 3v4 Brighton Breezy v Thundering Herd *** Now
Mixed Semi Brighton Breezy v Pingu Jam ** Now
Mixed Group Thundering Herd v Pingu Jam Now
Mixed Group Brighton Breezy v Birmingham Now

* Footage starts from 6-4 and one possession is missed
** Filmed from the back of the endzone
*** Footage starts from 1-0

All games below are included in the UKU Club Nationals 2014 Subscription Package at the best value price of £10.99
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