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Every year, the University Ultimate scene climaxes in the big tournament: Uni Outdoor Nationals.

32 teams compete in Open Divisions 1 & 2, and 24 teams compete in the Women’s Division, all vying to win the trophy in their Uni Ultimate career – for many of them it will be their last ever shot at the trophy, for most of them every game will be the most important game of their Ultimate career so far.

Push Pass took five cameras to cover Uni Nationals 2013, filming 19 games in total and getting multiple angles on the Open and Women’s Finals, as well as covering both Division 1 and Women’s semi finals, three of the quarter finals from Division 1, and many more do-or-die games from the weekend.

For the £10.99 you can buy a subscription to watch all these great games, whenever you like! Alternatively, you can purchase individual games below.

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Check out this Clip of the Day from the Open Final:

Uni Nationals 2013 Highlights:

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