The eXtended European Ultimate Club Finals 2013 saw the best teams across all 4 divisions in Europe come together in Bordeaux to battle for the prestigious, once-every-four-years title of XEUCF Champions. Push Pass filmed the teams competing in the Open, Women’s, Mixed and Masters divisions over the 4 day tournament showcasing the very top level of European Ultimate. Check out the list of games covered, sorted by team/division.

All games are filmed in full HD with scoreboards displayed throughout & alternate-angle replays during the finals, and will be available online until at least 1st Aug 2014. The Masters game Zimmer v OUF is included in all packages.

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Games are also available individually (click game for individual purchase links):

Otso (FIN) v Clapham (UK) [Power Pool OI]
Chevron (UK) v Uprising (PL) [Group OB] * missing first 5 points
Clapham (UK) v Freespeed (SUI) [Final]
Brighton City (UK) v Freespeed (SUI) [Group OC]
Ragnarok (DK) v Devon (UK) [Group OD]
Otso (FIN) v Heidees (DE) [Pre Quarter]
Heidees (DE) v Brighton City (UK) [Power Pool OL]
Ragnarok (DK) v Viksjofors (SWE) [Pre Quarter]
Clapham (UK) v Bad Skid (DE) [Semi Final] * 1 point missing
CUSB La Fotta (ITA) v Bad Skid (DE) [Power Pool OJ]
Clapham (UK) v Chevron (UK) [Quarter Final] * 4 points missing
CUSB (ITA) v Freespeed (SUI) [Quarter Final] * from 2-2
Brighton City (UK) v Heidees (DE) [9-12 Semi]
Flying Angels (SUI) v Freespeed (SUI) [Semi Final]
Chevron (UK) v Bad Skid (DE) [Power Pool OJ]
Prague Devils (CZ) v Uprising (PL) [Power Pool OK]
Mooncatchers (BEL) v Ka-Pow (UK) [Group OE]

Cambridge (UK) v Wunderteam (AUT) [Group XB]
UFO Utrecht (NL) v Dog Eat Disc (UK) [Group XA] * 2 points missing
Bear Cavalry (UK) v Friselis (FR) [Group XC]
Bear Cavalry (UK) v UFO Utrecht (NL) [Power Pool XE]
Bear Cavalry (UK) v Croccali (ITA) [Mixed Final]
Cambridge (UK) v Salaspils FK (LAT) [Power Pool XF]
Spirit on Lemon (PL) v Corocotta (SPN) [Pre-Quarter] * 1 point missing
Salaspils FK (LAT) v Vassa Saints (FIN) [Quarter Final]
Salaspils FK (LAT) v Thundering Herd (UK) [Group XD]

Lotus (SUI) v Jinx (DE) [Power Pool WF]
Copenhagen Hucks (DEN) v CUSB Shout (ITA) [Power Pool WE]
Cosmic Girls (RU) v Iceni (UK) [Semi Final]
Cosmic Girls (RU) v Jinx (DE) [Quarter Final] * 2 points, 1 score missing
Nice Bristols (UK) v Copenhagen Hucks (DK) [Group WA]
U de Cologne (DE) v Leeds (UK) [Group WC] * 1 score missing
Iceni (UK) v U de Cologne (DE) [Final]
Iceni (UK) v YAKA (FR) [Group WB] * first point missing
SYC (UK) v Hot Beaches (CZ) [Group WD]

Zimmer (UK) v OUF (FR) [Group] * available as part of all packages or separately

List of games covered, by team:

List of games covered, by division:

(scroll down or hit ctrl+f to search for individual games)

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