A wide selection of free videos can be found on the Push Pass YouTube Channel, including trailers, full games, highlights, lowlights, and clips. You can also find dozens of local league games (indoors and outdoors) on Felix’s YouTube Channel.

Push Pass are in the middle of a project to upload for free all our DVD releases from the years 2006-2011, before we switched to online content delivery. You can find the YouTube playlists for these DVDs either on the Push Pass YouTube Channel, or at the bottom of the EUCF / UKU Club Nationals / UK Uni Ultimate pages.

Clapham v Bad Skid, London Calling Showgame, Tour 1, 31/05/2014

Highlights (full footage linked below):

Full footage (29 mins)

GB v Sweden Open, London Calling Showgame, Tour 1, 26/05/2012

The Rylands DVD (2009):
The Rylands was an experimental tournament run in the UK in 2009 with MLU-style Ultimate rules – 5 referees officiating each match and actively making calls, a 3pt line, disc brought into play within 10 seconds, and other modifications to speed the game up. The teams consisted of a combination of the superstar students and club players from each region, brought together to battle against the best from the other regions. Running time: 1hr 15mins

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