Are you:

  • a strategist looking to “know your enemy“,
  • a coach looking to provide analysis for your team,
  • a captain wishing to gift your team with all your team’s filmed games on one page,
  • a big fan of a particular team, or
  • a new player researching the team you’ve just joined?

    If so, our Team Package deal is perfect for you. For a one-off fee, you will get access to a page containing all games from 2011-2015 for your chosen team. It’s fast, easy, and useful.

    There are two options for each team:
    Single User license, where the content will be linked to your account (account sharing = account deletion), or
    Group Saver deal, where the content will be accessible by a password which you can share with your group/team/club, but not publicly or unreasonably – use of the password will be monitored, and should not go to more than 40 users.

    Team Packages currently being offered: Fire, Chevron, Manchester, EMO, Ka-Pow!, Devon, Brighton, & Iceni
    If your team is not listed, get in touch and we’ll put together a package for you!

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