Brodie Smith 21 coming to London

Just received this news about Brodie coming to London and we’re interested in hearing your thoughts on it:

Whats up guys! I’m in London for a couple days shooting darkhorse project and thought it would be a perfect time to run a Ultimate Frisbee Clinic!

The cost is 15£ per person with over 30% going back to the U23 World’s team. So come out and help support your local team and learn a thing or two.

The first hour will be learning the proper fundamentals on how to throw a backhand, forehand, and hammer.
The second hour will be mostly drills working on handler cuts/movement, downfield cutting/hucking, and some scrimmaging.

All skill levels are welcome! I am really looking forward to seeing you all there!!!


When: Saturday, 08:00 – 10:00
Where: Clapham Common, Clapham, SW4 9DE London, United Kingdom

Is Brodie going to be a better coach of this clinic than other throwers like Colonel could be? Should he be donating more than 30% to the U23 team? Does he deserve props for setting it up simply because he’s in town, when nobody that’s lived in this country has ever bothered? Why is it held at the ungodly hour of eight in the morning? And why does he put the sterling sign before the digits?
We want your opinion on all these questions and more…

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  1. Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly says:

    “Does he deserve props for setting it up simply because he’s in town, when nobody that’s lived in this country has ever bothered?”

    Well that’s simply untrue – clubs like EMO, Fire, Clapham, Iceni, LLLadies, ManUp have all hosted skills sessions in the past months. Also, Sion “Brummie” Scone organises the Elite Skills Clinic that happens every year. The UKU has also run skills sessions in London as well as running coaching courses that have an element of skills development in them, too. The GB Junior programme used skills sessions with their tryout sessions last year… this list goes on.

  2. Brummie
    Brummie says:

    Felix, as someone who has attended Elite Skills Clinic – the annual skills event that I run – I’m slightly offended that you would say “Does he deserve props for setting it up simply because he’s in town, when nobody that’s lived in this country has ever bothered?”, because you know full well that people put a lot of time and effort into hosting skills events in the UK.

    The fact that I allowed you to attend free of charge on the condition that you film the event and put the footage out for the wider UK community – which you then failed to do – is doubly insulting.


  3. Lauren
    Lauren says:

    I messaged Brodie earlier today to ask what he was intending to do with the £10/person profit he is making from the session, specifically whether it was going to be re-invested in ultimate projects or for personal use (I consider making trick shot videos personal use). Will be keen to hear his reply.

    The thing is, Brodie is entitled to charge whatever he wants for a session like this. He is obviously an excellent thrower and I’m sure that this session will be beneficial to a lot of people attending. If he decides that his time is worth £10/person profit for two hours and if people are willing to pay this amount then he has no incentive to not do so.

    But I would like to know where this additional money goes. Maybe Brodie uses it personally. Maybe he uses it to fund making his trick shot videos (which I consider personal use, really). Or maybe he reinvests it into ultimate projects of his choosing. I hope it’s the latter. It would seem quite contradictory to the spirit of grassroots ultimate coaching – which is all about giving back to the community – to use it for person profit. Especially given that Brodie is already in London and doesn’t need many expenses covering in order to do this session – though asking for a contribution for his troubles would of course be reasonable.

    I feel like it’s a bit of false generosity to proclaim “over 30% of proceeds going to u23s”… He making an awful lot of money here, and has been encouraging as many people to come as possible. In just a few hours, over 70 people have signed up. When he has 100 people turn up (all handing over cash to him), are they really going to get a quality skills session with him? Are they going to benefit from any individual coaching in that short space of time? Or is he going to set everyone doing some drills then sit back and count his cash? I’m a little sceptical as to the quality of this session given that he is trying to get as many (paying) attendees as possible. This makes it difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I have asked him directly what his intentions are so that he may answer these questions and I hope he gets back to me soon (in between posts of “Invite all your friends”). My worst fear is that Brodie is making a quick buck and undermining how ultimate coaching *should* be done. Let’s see if he replies to my questions.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      You’re 100% correct, and I’m sure anyone with the head screwed on in the slightest will agree with you, and be asking the same questions.

      He’s a complete cop out and spews blatant lies. Everything he’s proposed in the clinic (throwing, cutting) are things you can practice for yourself on any day of the week. Why not explain strategies about how DW won the Championships, or how DW drill their shit? Because that takes time, effort and planning. BUT, that’s also something worth £15 (15£), unlike this bollocks.

      He’s gonna be walking away with over a grand for 2 hours of nothing. Granted, his value is in the work he has already done, and this is why people are falling for his “celebrity” status. This shouldn’t be a money maker for him – it should be an opportunity for him to give back to the community. He’s only as popular as the amount of people that like him, and he’s outright exploiting them in this instance.

      He’s his own biggest fan, and needs to come back to earth – hard. It makes me slightly sick that this event is only getting this amount of response (and funds) due to a dumb yank that throws discs into bins. We can’t get behind our own Worlds team, unless its covered in the getup of a “celebrity”.

      Stay Darkhorse. ManUp. I’m a huge cunt.

  4. Gash
    Gash says:

    The guys an absolute douche. On the fb event
    He commented “it’s gonna be super Darkhkorse” What the fuck does that even mean?? And ManUp?? How about you ManUp Brodie and not charge £15 for coaching when you can’t even break the mark. Admittedly he can throw it long but he’s got less control than a footless alligator.

  5. Gallagher
    Gallagher says:

    I love most of the comments!! Let me start out by saying Brodie has skills. He is an athlete and knows how to play the game but he really is his biggest fan. Anyone can make trick shot videos. All it takes is four or five friends willing to fetch your discs for you and put up a camera. And why ANYONE in their right mind wants to watch his vlog videos talking about himself, who the fuck knows. Props to him for gaining ignorant fans who suck at ultimate and thing he is the god of ultimate. He is lazy on defense and sometimes hurts the team more than he helps them. (see AUDL team Indy AlleyCats win and turnover percentage with him on/off the field) He needs to ManUp and stop bullshitting people and himself. You can guarantee you won’t really learn anything at any event he holds…..


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