Announcement: Videos offline until purchase

Due to a lack of time and resources, we have closed our Vimeo account. Videos can still be purchased by subscription or individually, but will be uploaded to YouTube 1-3 days after purchase (unlisted or listed as you wish).

If you have already purchased a subscription or individual game, drop us an email with your transaction ID and we’ll upload the video you’ve bought to the Push Pass YouTube channel.

For new content including analysis and strategy please visit, or for live streaming see Thanks to everybody for your support over the years in building Push Pass!

Fanseat Livestreaming UKU Events

Fanseat will be streaming live coverage of *two pitches* from each of four UKU outdoor tournaments this year!

UKU Open and Women’s Tour 1: Nottingham – June 3rd and 4th
UKU Open and Women’s Tour 2: Cardiff – July 1st and 2nd
UKU Open and Women’s Tour 3: Birmingham – July 15th and 16th
UKU Nationals [Euros/Worlds qualification]: August 26th, 27th and 28th

After a number of UKU members worked on the production of WUGC last year, we were keen to keep momentum going and increase the scope and quality of UK coverage this year. A couple of things came out of the wider discussions and have become key aims in UKU media strategy:

1 – We are really keen to create an expanded database of any and all UK based media freelancers and personnel; and are committed to encouraging and giving good, paid opportunities to anyone who wants to cover UKU Ultimate.

2 – And while we support Fanseat’s aim to make a one-stop hub for all live European Ultimate, offering the best value to subscribers, we are still committed to publicising the game domestically and to new audiences (non-players).

To fulfil these commitments we will also be producing a one-off special highlights programme, showcasing the best of the action from UK Nationals. It will be streamed live just after the conclusion of the tournament on Monday 28th August, and will be free to view both live and afterwards via the UKU’s Youtube channel.

*Nationals Showcase -*

Monday 28th August
(Time TBC, Around 10pm)
So if anyone is keen to get involved this year, please send an email with some info about yourself and what you are keen to do. (No Google Forms of Doodle Polls for this one, be personable and send an email, we aren’t a faceless media corp yet!)

We are looking for anyone interested in helping live stream games, camera operators or technicians to work on graphics and replays; assistant producers looking to make promos and features; or anyone vocally inclined who wishes to take up a microphone!

For a start, check your diary and sign up to our first UKU subsidised media training event, which will be held on the Friday before Tour 1!
(with Tom Styles)
(from Fanseat)

Friday 2nd June 14:00 – 20:00 @ Antenna Media Centre
<>, Nottingham, NG1 1EQ

[£15 per person]

The day will include a keynote talk from voice of the AUDL and ESPN commentator, *Evan Lepler*, who will be joining us via video conference for a Q&A. We will look at topics including: Where the sport is and where it’s heading globally; Play by play announcing and Colour commentary; Rosters, names and numbers; Vocabulary and terminology; Interviewing, Introducing and Presenting; and the Do’s and Don’ts of great commentary.

We will then split off, allowing dedicated classroom time and practice of either commentating or the technical side of things.

The Ultimate Commentary masterclass is aimed at all Ultimate players who have a passion for the sport and an enthusiasm to talk about it in an engaging way. If you have an amazing game brain and love to analyse tactics and strategies, or an ability with your voice, language or communication then this may well be the most interesting and fun afternoon of your Ultimate life.

If you are software minded, have experience in sports media or are just ‘that guy’ who can always be relied upon to go Facebook-live at trainings, and you want to try your hand at something a bit more serious, then come and learn how to live stream properly. (with help from Fanseat and Kepit)

If you are keen to get involved, please notify us if you will be playing at Tour 1 the following day! If you are interested in improving your commentary game, then playing would be fine. But we are looking for serious mediators who not only have a mind for the game, but can devote time to media coverage, rather than team & playing commitments!

Please get in touch if you’re keen to get involved

From an excited UKU Media Team
Will Foster
Tom Styles
David Pryce
Felix Shardlow