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Announcement: Videos offline until purchase

Due to a lack of time and resources, we have closed our Vimeo account. Videos can still be purchased by subscription or individually, but will be uploaded to YouTube 1-3 days after purchase (unlisted or listed as you wish). If you have already purchased a subscription or individual game, drop us an email with your transaction ID and […]

Fanseat Livestreaming UKU Events

Fanseat will be streaming live coverage of *two pitches* from each of four UKU outdoor tournaments this year! UKU Open and Women’s Tour 1: Nottingham – June 3rd and 4th UKU Open and Women’s Tour 2: Cardiff – July 1st and 2nd UKU Open and Women’s Tour 3: Birmingham – July 15th and 16th UKU Nationals [Euros/Worlds qualification]: […]