The European Ultimate Club Finals 2014 saw the best teams across 3 divisions in Europe come together in Frankfurt to battle for the highest accolade in European Ultimate – the title of EUCF Champions. Push Pass teamed up with Get Horizontal to provide the Ultimate community with top coverage, filming the teams competing in the Open, Women’s and Mixed divisions over the 3 day tournament showcasing the very top level of European Ultimate.

All games are filmed in full HD with scoreboards displayed throughout, and will be available online until at least 1st Aug 2015.

Like last year, there are 4 packages available to purchase – Full Subscription, or Open/Women’s/Mixed Subscriptions – as well as the option to purchase games individually.

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O: Final – Clapham v Freespeed

O: Semi – Freespeed (1) v Bad Skid (4)
O: Semi – Clapham (2) v Chevron (3)
O: 3v4 – Chevron v Bad Skid
O: Quarter – Freespeed (1) v Heidees (8)
O: Quarter – Bad Skid v Flying Angels Bern
O: Pre-Quarter – FAB (5) v Cotarica Grandes (12)
O: Pre-Quarter – Prague Devils v CUSB La Fotta
O: 9v10 – EMO v Iznogood
O: 17v18 – Brighton City v thebigEz
OA: Group – Freespeed v Chevron
OB: Group – Bad Skid v Iznogood
OB: Group – Clapham Ultimate v Bad Skid
OB: Group – Fire of London v thebigEz
OC: Group – Brighton City v Helsinki Ultimate
OC: Group – Brighton City v FWD >>
OD: Group – M.U.C. v CUSB La Fotta
OE: Group – Fire of London v Aarhus Ultimate
OF: Group – EMO v Gentle Open

W: Final – Iceni v FABulous

W: Semi – FABulous (2) v Woodchicas (3)
XM: Group – Pingu Jam v Terrible Monkeys
WX: Group – Helsinki Ultimate Women v JinX
XM: Group – Budapest v Pingu Jam
WW: Group – Woodchicas v E6
WW: Group – SYC v Fendisc
WX: Group – Iceni v FABulouse
WX: Group – FABulouse v Helsinki Ultimate

X: Final – Sun v Grandmaster Flash

X: Semi – Terrible Monkeys v Grandmaster Flash
X: 3v4 – Flow Wroclaw v Terrible Monkeys
XN: Group – Birmingham Ultimate v Airborn

Individual games:
Finals, Semi-Finals, & 3v4s:

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Quarter Finals & Pre-Quarters:
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Open knockout & group games:
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Women’s group games:
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