uninats2016-thumbPush Pass covered 18 games at Uni Nationals 2016 in Nottingham – including the exciting finals from both Division 1, Division 2, and the Women’s division!

Games are available to buy individually (£4.99), as a Full Package (£9.99), or save money with your team / friends via the Group Saver deal (£27.99).

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All games are included in the Full Package, or click for individual games below:

UNO’16: Div 1 Final – Nottingham v Glasgow
UNO’16: Div 2 Final – Edinburgh v Oxford (from 1-0)
UWON’16: Women’s Final – Birmingham v Exeter

Knockout stages:
UNO’16: Men’s Division 1 Semi – Glasgow v Portsmouth
UNO’16: Men’s Division 1 Quarter – Birmingham v Manchester
UNO’16: Men’s Div 1 Crossover – Durham v Sussex
UWON’16: Women’s Div 1 Crossover – Sussex v Heriot-Watt (partial – til 5-4)
UNO’16: Men’s Division 3 Semi 5-8 – Brighton v Leicester (partial)
UWON’16: Women’s Division 1 Semi – Birmingham v Newcastle (from 1-0)
UWON’16: Women’s Division 1 Quarter – Exeter v Sussex

Group stages:
UNO’16: Men’s Div 1 Group D – Dundee v Nottingham
UNO’16: Men’s Div 1 Group A – Bath v Sussex
UNO’16: Men’s Div 1 Group A – Birmingham v Sussex
UNO’16: Men’s Div 1 Group C – Manchester v Glasgow
UNO’16: Men’s Div 3 Group J – St Marys v Leicester (from 1-0)
UNO’16: Men’s Div 3 Group K – Bangor v Brighton
UNO’16: Men’s Div 1 Group A – York v Sussex
UWON’16: Women’s Div 1 Group P – Sussex v Glasgow

Purchasing individual games:


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Knockout stages:

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Group stages:

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