EUCF 2016


All the links you should need for following EUCF 2016 are below.

EUCF 2016 report & play-by-play of the Open Final at

Playoff bracket graphics with scores: Open, Women’s, Mixed

Scores, Groups, Results & Standings website
Clapham v Otso – last two points (including exciting universe point)

UKU Nationals – Streaming schedule

Live streams can be found at the UK Ultimate YouTube channel

All times are BST (GMT+1):

12:00: Women’s  group – Nice Bristols v LeedsLeedsLeeds
14:00: Mixed group – JR v Thundering Herd
16:00: Open semi – Clapham v Fire
18:00: Open semi – Chevron v Brighton City

11:00: Mixed semi – Brighton Breezy v Black Eagles
13:00: Open Final – Clapham v Chevron
15:00: Women’s Final

Live streaming will be via the UKU Media Team, including a professional TV crew with multiple cameras & live commentary! Subscribe to the new UK Ultimate YouTube channel

Also check out this reddit post full of all the links, information, comments and opinion you need for the weekend!