Nationals is the pinnacle event of UK Ultimate, and also serves as a qualifying event for the European Club Finals.

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After a turbulent Tour season of unexpected results, Nationals saw Clapham re-grouping after a year of GB, and Chevron back to full strength. With five spots at Europeans up for grabs, there were 9 teams in serious contention for them including Clapham & Chevron. Manchester and Ka-Pow had victories this season in Tour, however EMO and Fire will be looking to hold onto their top-4 spots from last year’s Nationals, and Devon will be keen to reach semis again after finishing 4th in 2013. European regulars Brighton City and EMO would be disappointed not to finish in the top 5, despite coming 7th and 9th at Tour, losing to Birmingham.

In the women’s division, SYC topped Tour just ahead of Tour 2014 winners Punt, with powerhouses Nice Bristols and Leeds in 3rd and 4th, and Relentless in 5th. SYC got to the final against reigning champions Iceni at Nationals 2014, whereas Nice Bristols won silvers in 2013 and 2012 Nationals. Just two spots for Europeans means there’s everything to fight for in the semi finals!

In mixed, Reading had a great Tour season, but Thundering Herd and Pingu Jam will be looking to hold onto their spots at Euros, with only two up for grabs this year. Black Eagles won Tour, and Brighton are after revenge after narrowly missing out last year when the Pingu Jam controversy raised questions of disqualification.

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Full Gamelist:

1-16 – Glasgow v Manchester
1-16 – Brighton City v Birmingham
Quarter – Brighton City v Chevron
3-6 semi – Brighton Legends v Fire
3-6 semi – Brighton City v Devon
Semi 1 – Clapham v Devon
Semi 2 – Chevron v Fire
3v4 – Brighton City v Fire
Final – Clapham v Chevron

Group – LeedsLeedsLeeds v Relentless
Group – SYC v Nice Bristols
Semi – LeedsLeedsLeeds v Nice Bristols
Final – Iceni v Nice Bristols

Group – Brighton Breezy v Pingu Jam
Group – Black Eagles v JR
Semi – JR v Reading
Final – Black Eagles v Reading

Individual games: Open

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