EUCF2010: Lloret de Mar

EUCF2010: The Rise of the Swiss features:

  • 2 discs packed with 180 mins of top level European Ultimate
  • Highlights from 32 games
  • Including 9 Women’s games
  • Semi Finals and Grand Finals covered from multiple camera angles
  • Disc 1: Trailer, Group games, Knockouts, Women’s games
  • Disc 2: Open Semis, 3v4, Women’s Final, Open Final
  • Disc 2 features full commentary on all 5 games (optional)
  • Two optional commentary tracks for Women’s Final and Open 3v4 playoff – choose to listen to Tom & Waggle or Felix & Robbie – whichever you prefer!
  • HQ trailer and credits sequences
  • Interview with Freespeed

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This is without doubt the finest Push Pass DVD to date.


Highlights from the following games are included:

Chevron-7 Schwaben: 3.5 mins
FAB-Viksjöfors: 4 mins
Fire-Silence: 1 min
Ultimate Vibration-Ragnarok: 1.5 mins
Clapham-Cota Rica: 5 mins
Fire-Viksjöfors: 6 mins
Freespeed-Chevron: 11 mins (including 2min interview)
Fusion-Feldrenner: 1 min
Clapham-Ragnarok: 4.5 mins
Viksjöfors-Silence: 2 mins
Skogshyddan-Feldrenner: 3 mins
Clapham-Ultimate Vibration: 15 secs

Quarter Finals:
Chevron-Skogshyddan: 8.5 mins
FAB-Ragnarok: 0.5 mins
Fusion-Freespeed: 7 mins

Semi Finals:
Viksjöfors-Chevron: 7 mins
Fusion-Ragnarok: 4 mins
Fire-Silence: 2 mins
Clapham-Skogs: 18.5 mins (semi final)
FAB-Freespeed: 24 mins (semi final)

Chevron-Ragnarok: 5.5 mins
Clapham-Freespeed: 8 mins
FAB-Skogshyddan: 25 mins (Open Final)

Women’s Division:

Iceni-Jinx: 3 mins
Hot Beaches-Leeds: 5.5 mins
Iceni-Cosmic: 3.5 mins
Yaka-Lotus: 2 mins
Jinx-Misscoldisco: 2 mins

Semi Finals:
Hot Beaches-Misscoldisco: 3.5 mins
Iceni-Leeds: 4.5 mins

Iceni-Misscoldisco: 2 mins
Hot Beaches-Leeds: 11.5 mins (Women’s Final)

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EUCF2008: Paris

The European Ultimate Club Series Championship Finals 2008 DVD contains 120 minutes of the best action from 20 elite-level matches, including the tense Open Final between Fire of London(UK) and Skogshyddan(SWE), all for £9.99 £7.99.

Action packed highlights of the following games feature in the DVD:

Chevron v Taskas
Fire of London v Jack’Suns
Feldrenner v Fusion
Clapham v Viksjofors
Chevron v Prague Devils
Clapham v Flying Angels
Skogshyddan v Fusion
Chevron v HUT
Fire of London v Bad Skids
Skogshyddan v Feldrenner
Clapham v Ragnarok
Flying Angels v Feldrenner
Clapham v Freespeed
Fire of London v Flying Angels
Clapham v Chevron
Fire of London v Ragnarok
Skogshyddan v Chevron
Chevron v Ragnarok
Iceni v WoodchicasSkogshyddan v Fire of London
(Pool Play, 3.8 mins)
(Pool Play, 1.5 mins)
(Pool Play, 7.5 mins)
(Pool Play, 3.5 mins)
(Pool Play, 4.4 mins)
(Pool Play, 3.6 mins)
(Pool Play, 4 mins)
(Pool Play, 3.4 mins)
(Pool Play, 2.5 mins)
(Pool Play, 3 mins)
(Pool Play, 6.6 mins)
(Pre-Quarter, 4 mins)
(Pre-Quarter, 3 mins)
(Quarter Final, 3.5 mins)
(Quarter Final, 8 mins)
(Semi Final, 12.5 mins – 2 angles)
(Semi Final, 9.5 mins – 2 angles)
(3v4 Playoff, 6 mins – 2 angles)
(Women’s Final, 7.5 mins –
2 angles
(Open Final, 16.5 mins –
4 angles

DVD also contains a top quality version of the Trailer, and an outtakes Credits sequence which cannot be missed!

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